Left quotation marksAK-Player also supports playback of more than one video at a time, allowing you to arrange several windows playing simultaneously, each with their own playback controls and volume. We found this feature quite neat, as it allowed us to compare video feeds and camera angles. 

While some other video playback utilities allow you to save a streaming file locally, AK-Player has some features they lacked. If you like streaming videos and want better control and access to them, AK-Player is a solid, reliable application.


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To sum it all up, if you want an intuitive reliable and powerful tool that will allow you to play multiple media files and even YouTube or media websites videos offline, then a great solution is provided by the easy to use AK-Player software.


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Left quotation marksProbably one of its main assets – together with its jaw-dropping futuristic 3D interface – is the possibility of playing YouTube video files offline. You will not need to be connected to the Web to enjoy your favorite Internet videos – AK-Player will search for cached videos in all your browsers cache folders and will play them back just as if you were connected.

 All in all, a very interesting free multimedia player wrapped up in a beautifully designed interface.

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Left quotation marksThe world of digital audio and video files is quite large and new media formats are being launched everyday. But in order to be able to play all these formats, you will need a specialized application for playing media files. Unfortunately, the Windows Media Player software which comes with Windows is very limited and offers support for few formats. That's why one should install a specialized application for this. A program which allows you to play almost any media format available on the market is AK-Player.

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Left quotation marksPlaying media where and when you want it isn’t always easy, especially with today’s complex ecosystems and new compression algorithms. Playing Flash content while disconnected is also a problem. Adobe doesn’t make an offline player. This is why I like AK Player. It’s a cool media Player for Windows.

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Left quotation marksFuturistic would be the best word to describe what you'll see after running this free media player for the first time

Cache video viewer will help out a lot if you want to access videos that you've viewed on your web browser, which can't be viewed the sam way agian without having a working internet connection.


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Left quotation marksIt’s certainly not difficult to find a media player application. It’s not even all that hard to find a free media player. Finding a good media player can be more difficult, depending on your definition of “good” media player.

If you want to watch streaming videos offline, the best media player is AK-Player, which offers a number of features not found in other media players.

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