Smart Playlist.

Smart playList for each file you watch and it will also bring you all the media files on folder and also filter the media files and bring you list of your (Video, FLV, Picture, Audio)



Smart dynamic PlayList utility handling two different playlists!

The playlist is smart and very dynamic, And the playlsit the user will get is based on how many file you select to open.

 1- Open one file

playlist-searchWhen user open one file the playlist will bring all the media files on folder also it will orgnize the file based on file type.User can select 'All media Files' tap to list video, Audio, Picture files in the folder or you can only select 'mp3' tap to list all the audio files in folder or picture to list all picture.












 2- Open Several File

playlist-offlinesearchWhen user select several file and drag them to the main interface AK-Player will only show the files the user select. User will get the same playlist if he use the local search feature or offline search feature or when user click open button and select several files to open.