File Search Engine.

AK-Player makes it exceptionally easy and efficient to find media files. It automatically searches through hidden and system folders as well, allowing it to find absolutely any compatible media file stored on your computer. The program's search engine is exceptionally fast thanks to its multithreading support so you can be sure that you can search for files and build up your music library in minimal time. The smart playlist is another useful feature, further helping to improve your experience.

LocalSearchEngineUser also can search in hidden files and in hidden folders and even in system folders and system files.

You can easily stop your search and the search engine will stop immediately. And the cool thing here is that you won't waste your time because you will get detailed information about the results you have reached before stopping the search engine.



Choose which file format you want to search for.seasrch-engine

You can select to search only for mp3, jpg or flv files or you can seasrch for different pattern in the same time in a marvelous span of time you can specify media type such as: all video, all audio or all pictures.

You can also search for many custom patterns at the same time and you will get separated result for each pattern. To do that you just need to split between your pattern using ', '.

Here is an example of Custom Search:
*filename*.mov,*filename*.avi, *filename*.asf,*filename*.dat. And so on. 


Adjust Search Speed

Before you start your search you are able to adjust the search speed, Fast, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal, and slow. You can select the highest speed 'Fast' and by this way you can get the result quickly.

But if you are playing game or doing any important thing in your system, you don't need to close it to make your search because you can select lowest speed and you will leave plenty of time in your processor to make any other job. And the AK-Search Engine will only take few parts of the processor time.

Analyze the result of your search and add it to playlist

playlist-searchresultOne more interesting thing here is the way you will get the result of your search. You will know exactly how many flv or mov files in the aria you was searching in.And you can easily select any file format you want to open you just need to check the box and click open then you will get new window plays the fist of your selected format also you will have a list of your selected files on your smart playlist.

AK-Search Engine is very fast and very flexible to make any type of search with many interesting features.