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AK-Player is a powerful free media player download for those who want to be able to play just about any typeof media file format available. It also allows you to watch streaming videos from sites such as YouTube offline. Other unique features include the ability to play multiple files simultaneously and organize your music in a smart playlist.

Watch multiple videos simultaneously!

AK-Player 7.3


AK-Player Features

Play Videos

playSupport two media player engines that integrate into one program. Playback music, video files and display photos.

Watch Cached Videos

offlinePlayback offline videos you have previously watched online by searching in your browsers cach. Supported by (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)


Video Zoom

zoominZoom-In videos with just a click of the mouse. There is no need to pause the movie while doing this.

Smart Playlist

smartplaylistSmart play list will orgnize all the media files from the folder and also filter them by there type (Video, FLV, Picture, Audio)

Watch Videos Simultaneously

videosSimultaneouslyPlay multiple videos at the same time while, simultaneously organizing it in a smart playlist.

Session Restore

SessionRestoreIf your session closed unexpectedly you have the option to restore it back and resume watching.

File Search Engine

filesearchAK-Player makes it exceptionally easy and efficient to find media files. It automatically searches through hidden and system folders as well as allowing it to find absolutely any compatible media file stored on your computer.